The Horsemen of Golegã

The long winding convoluted romance of 23 year-old naive Candice North and the semi-immortal 250-year-old shape-shifting billionaire Gaspar Miguel Bosanquet.

Join them on their journey of love and intrigue from the mosaic streets of Portugal to the snow covered Canadian Rockies and back to his mansion somewhere in the hills outside Golegã.

Come and meet the cast of characters that both help and hinder their Romance.

Coming soon to a reading device near you – Watch for them!!

Romance with a capital R

Bosanquet and Candice

Morning noon or night
Any time is right
For love

Okay, so it’s not great prose, but if you want great prose – READ the books!

I’m just helping out around here and letting Francisco get the real writing done. I’ll try and keep things light and relevant, sometimes I’ll even manage something well written, but that’s his job, so don’t hold your breath for great writing outside of the novels!! At least not before the series is complete.