The Horsemen of Golegã Book # 1

What do you do when your BFF’s dream vacation turns out to be your worst nightmare?

After a naïve relationship decision leaves Candice with a handprint on her face and no job, her life has literally gone to shit. All she wants is to hide in a corner and lick her wounds, alone. But when bestie Fiona comes begging for a last minute travel companion, what else can a true friend do but go along for the ride?

Fast forward to the bustling streets of Golegã, where stunning Portuguese stallions strut their stuff, and the gorgeous men who master them are every woman’s wet dream. Every woman, that is, except for Candice. For her, relationships are in the past.

But leading the quiet life isn’t easy. Pursued by a series of psychotic text messages, a crazed cavaleiro, and a vicious horse, Candice once again questions her judgment.

When an enigmatic stranger emerges from the crowd and offers assistance, Candice is in no mood to say yes. Or is she?

Will one impulsive act change Candice’s mind about men, or will the impetuous deed prove her biggest blunder yet?


Sometimes, at the end of the blackest tunnel, light shines.

Sometimes, in your darkest hour, hope glimmers.

And sometimes, when we’re most alone, love beckons.

She is Candice.

He is Bosanquet.

This…is the beginning.

Welcome to Francisco Cordoba’s debut.

Available September 1, 2017 on Amazon