The Horsemen of Golegã, Book #3A

(This story overlaps the timelines in Loving North, Seeking Home, A Dama, and Keeper’s Wife.)

Tag, a Horseman on the run from his heritage, hates Bosanquet, the Horsemen’s Keeper, with a terrible passion. Only timely interference in the guise of a very special young woman diverts Tag from his path of selfish, self-destructive behaviour.

Wilhelmina, a woman isolated by her past and her plus-size figure, struggles to pay some hefty bills. The arrival on her doorstep of a stunning young man suffering from a mysterious illness is the final nail in the coffin of her dying business. Yet, as her old life collapses around her, a new one opens.

Will Tag finally face his demons and return home?

Can Wilhelmina accept the past and learn to trust again?