Diana’s’ Tarot Reading for Bosanquet and Candice

“Ah.” Diana bit her lip in an uncharacteristic gesture of uncertainty.


Her words came out in a rush. “I know I shouldn’t have done it, and it’s an invasion of privacy, but when Candice left the table looking so disturbed today, I felt compelled to do a reading. And, well, I think you should know what the cards say.”

Bosanquet rubbed the back of his neck. “Diana, I thank you for your concern, but you know I give no credence to Astrology or the Tarot or any of this…” He cut himself off before the words ‘mumbo jumbo’ slipped out.

“I know. I know, but please… Gassy.” Her lips quirked in a crooked grin. “Humor a dying woman?”

In the name of A Dama, how could he refuse?

He followed her to the bedroom where a card table was set up.

“I did a reading for you as a couple,” she said.


“Please, Gaspar. This is important.”

She was so sincere, so committed to her belief in her divination. As he watched her lively gaze dart over the layout of arcane images on the table, he wondered how such a prosaic individual as Duarte had found happiness with such an illogical woman. Yet, somehow, their marriage had been one of total devotion and sharing.

“I used the Sola Busca deck.” She pointed to the arrangement of cards. “It’s the earliest known deck and seemed appropriate in this situation.”

Ugly pictures. His gaze fell on one, which depicted a lance piercing the eye of a severed head. A shiver slithered down his spine. He ignored it and focused on Diana’s words.

“A reading isn’t easy to do when neither party is present,” she said, “but I used your card as the starting point, and from there, the cards spoke to me.”

“My card?” What was she talking about?

“The King of Pentacles. You remember the night I did readings for us all?”

Bosanquet frowned and cast around in his mind. “A Christmas party about ten years ago?”

“That’s the one.” She tapped the King of Pentacles. “This was the first card you drew that night. It’s imbued with your spirit. And it’s highly representative of your power, business acumen, and the amazing success you’ve achieved. So, I used it as the significator for this reading.”

He observed the dusky picture without comment.

“This reading is about your relationship with Candice, but I don’t know her, so I pulled a card at random.” Diana pointed to the card on the right of Bosanquet’s King. “The Queen of Cups.”

Interested in anything to do with Candice North, Bosanquet studied the card that represented her: a woman on a throne holding a covered receptacle. “And this means?”

“The Queen of Cups combines the positive energy of water with a strong inward focus. This individual is sweet, loving and highly sensitive. Her heart leads the way and just her presence is soothing. She is emotional, intuitive and compassionate, moved by the beauty and tragedy of life.” Diana eyed him with a knowing smile. “Sound like anyone you know?”

He grunted.

She continued. “As you see, I put these two cards side by side, and above them, I put the Crown card, which represents your goals. Your Crown card is the Tower. It represents upheaval, sudden change, revelation, catastrophe. This means something is going to happen when you least expect it. Something huge that will bring immediate and far-reaching change.”

“Like a wedding?”

Diana looked thoughtful. “Perhaps, your courtship has been quick and your wedding could be interpreted as sudden, but I think it’s more than that.”

“Hm.” His gaze fell again on the disturbing picture directly underneath the King and Queen. “What is this?”

His hostess pursed her lips in thought. “Death.”

A spike of fear hit him, but he banished it. A picture on a playing card could hurt no one. “And Diogo is in our reading, why?” he said lightly, then wished he’d kept silent as memories of Lisbon surfaced.

“The Death card doesn’t necessarily mean someone will die. Because of the Tower card above, representing change, I believe in this case that Death indicates the change, when it occurs, will be transformational.” Diana’s eyes pierced him. “Gaspar, I’m not talking something small here. Something huge is going to happen, possibly involving a third party, and neither you nor she will ever be the same.”

Her sudden intensity was unnerving. He looked long at the severed head and coughed against his shoulder. “Excuse me. Continue.”

“The card on the far left, the Three of Wands reversed, represents Candice’s past.” Diana tapped another hideous image.

This card appeared upside down in relation to the others. It depicted a cherubic head pierced by three spikes that entered at the scalp and exited through the chin. The mouth appeared stitched shut and— Bosanquet’s heart jumped and thudded. Wings, like those of a dove…or an angel, adorned either side of the mangled head. He rested his knuckles on the table to disguise the sudden weakness in his knees.

After a quick glance at him, Diana asked quietly. “Was Candice severely ill as a child?”
His eyes seemed welded to the wings. “I do not believe so.”

“But she didn’t have a happy childhood, did she?”

“She has told you?” He could not believe his wife would open up so easily to a stranger, especially a female.

“No, we haven’t talked, but this card reversed indicates great obstacles. When I look at the Queen of Cups and then this silenced mouth, I see a sensitive, intelligent individual, unloved and unheard.” Diana touched the card, and a shudder rippled through her small frame. “The poor child,” she whispered.

Bosanquet straightened and deliberately looked away from the winged head. “The past is done,” he said gruffly. “There is nothing to be gained by revisiting it.”

“No, of course not.” Diana indicated the card to the far right of the Queen of Cups. This card shows the immediate future. It’s the Knight of Cups.” Her voice lightened. “You, Gassy, in all your loving, emotional glory.”

He stared down his nose at her. “Explain.”

“It’s simple.” She shrugged. “The knight, you, is coming to his Queen, Candice, in absolute peace. He’s offering his love and total devotion. I’m glad to see this card because it balances the tougher, more down-to-earth nature of the King of Pentacles.”

“I am tough and down-to-earth am I?” he queried.

She bumped him gently with her shoulder. “When you’re not a hot mess.”

Her death sentence really had loosened this woman’s tongue. Never had she spoken so freely to him, and never had he shared his innermost feelings with her or her husband. Yet, somehow, much like his wife, Diana seemed to know more than she should. Such was the mystery of woman-kind. He found himself wondering if Candice North believed in Tarot readings. He was not sure he wished to find out.



“I said, this card,” Diana pointed to another card at the bottom of a line of four situated to the right of and perpendicular to the Knight of Cups, “is the Nine of Wands. In this position, it offers a little more insight into Candice. I see great courage, resilience, and persistence, although coupled with a tendency to be hesitant and at times defensive.”

She glanced up at him and nodded as if his face confirmed her thoughts before moving up to the next card in the column. “Her outside environment, the Five of Cups. Your wife has had a hard time of it. This card represents loss, perhaps bereavement, regret, and despair. Possibly for you both.” She hesitated. “When I consider it with the Tower and Death…”

“We need to be careful?”


He nodded, trying to look as if he took her warnings seriously, but was ‘be careful’ the best the Tarot could offer? Of course, because mumbo jumbo was exactly this. To hurry things along, he pointed to the next card and raised an eyebrow.

“Candice’s hopes and fears, the Two of Swords. This card represents choices, information overload, confusion. Despite hiding it well, your young lady is having a hard time assimilating everything that’s coming at her right now. Some difficult choices need to be made, and she’s not sure which way to jump, or if she even wants to. You two may have a clash of wills, and be warned, Gaspar, though meek, Candice has an iron will when she needs it. She wants to please you, but if she doesn’t feel it’s the right thing, you’ll never sway her. And that sets up a huge and stressful dichotomy because the one thing that terrifies her most is losing your love.”

“This will never happen.”

“Hopefully not, but Candice is the one you need to convince, not me.”

Bosanquet grunted. He did not need a pack of cards instructing him to demonstrate his love. “The last card?”

“The King of Swords reversed. This card’s position represents possible outcomes.”
“At last.”

Diana frowned, and he regretted his flippant response. A small part of him was interested in what she would say.

“Sinto muito,” he murmured. “The outcomes you see?”

Diana expelled a long breath as she studied the card. “The King of Swords symbolizes intellectual power, rational thinking, judgment, authority. But reversed it can mean a lack of logic, uncertainty, feelings of being lost and powerless.” She paused. “Remember, I said that something huge was going to happen, possibly involving a third party?”

He nodded.

“Well, I think this King of Swords may be that third party.”

“A tall, dark stranger?” Again, he could have bitten his wayward tongue.

But Diana did not seem to notice. “Perhaps,” she said thoughtfully. “Or any stranger. The main thing is, whoever it is will have a profound effect on your relationship. The other thing,” she continued, “is that this King is a fighter. I fear someone is going to be hurt emotionally, maybe physically.”

“Candice North has already suffered a concussion. Perhaps this is what the cards are telling you.”
“That’s the past. The King of Swords in this position is most definitely talking about outcomes from this point on.”

Bosanquet drummed his fingers against his thigh. While he gave no credence to the information Diana divined from the cards, he did not like the tone of her interpretation. He knew that Tarot cards could be read in many ways, and the same spread could be seen as either positive or negative, so why did the woman have to focus on the negative?

“Obrigado, Diana,” he said at last. “I appreciate the time you took to do this.”

“And I appreciate the time you took to listen to my mumbo jumbo.” A soft, rueful smile crossed her face. “And don’t worry, I won’t say anything to Candice unless you give permission.”

He nodded, and his eyes slid again over the Death card and the disturbing Three of Wands before he banished the whole nonsense from his mind and indicated Diana should precede him from the room.

At the apartment door, Bosanquet remembered the second reason for his visit. “Tomorrow night is the reception. I wish you to know that you are welcome to attend. I thought you might wish the opportunity—to say goodbye.”

Diana patted his arm. “I appreciate the sentiment, but the last thing I need is to be the center of attention or of pity. I’ll stay here. I have some special dolls to finish before my time is done.” She opened the door and ushered him out. “Go cuddle your wife. And Gaspar!” she called as he turned away. “Be careful.”

Tarot Spread – as used in the story.

Cards numbered in Layout


Card Identification

1 King of Pentacles
– For Bosanquet

2 Queen of Cups
– For Candice

3 The Tower
– The Crown – goals

4 Death
– The Foundation

5 Three of wands (reversed)
– Candice’s Past

6 Knight of Cups
– Presents their near future

7 Nine of Wands
– Candice’s temperament or disposition

8 Five of Cups
– Outside Environment

9 Two of Swords
– Hopes and Fears

10 King of Swords (reversed)
– Possible outcome

Tarot information written in consultation with Saturn Celeste at https://www.saturnreadstarot.com/