The Great Gaspar

The Horsemen of Golegã Book # 2

After giving her virginity to the enigmatic and compelling Gaspar Bosanquet, Candice North finds herself adrift in Golegã with a note, a dwindling pile of Bosanquet’s cash, an erratic new friend, and the growing fear that her trust was terribly misplaced.

When her mysterious lover fails to return as promised, Candice fears that she did indeed sell her innocence. With the money almost gone, and dogged by the massive dark stranger who watches her every move, she has no choice but to flee Golegã.

Reunited in Lisbon with friends Jasmine and Nico, Candice teaches English by day and dreams of Bosanquet by night while side-stepping the attentions of Pierre, a smooth and creepy young Frenchman.

Her precarious existence comes to a head during one fateful night when a terrifying figure from the past catches up with her.

Will Khalid get his way this time?

Or will Candice’s dream lover return in time to save her?

Find out on September 15, 2017 on Amazon!